The following projects are a few of the many projects that have been completed by US STEEL STAIRS. They have been detailed for fabrication for a variety of fabricators and general contractors.

South Coast Hotel and Casino   07/2005 Las Vegas, NV
SOHO Condominium   03/2006 Las Vegas, NV
Palms Hotel and Casino   02/2006 Las Vegas, NV
Cheyenne Fairways   04/2006 Las Vegas, NV
MacFarlen Medical Building   11/2006 Las Vegas, NV
Poggemeyer Office Building   03/2007 Las Vegas, NV
Explorer Insurance   05/2007 Temecula, CA
Discovery Gateway Condominiums   08/2007 Las Vegas, NV
The Palazzo Hotel and Casino Jersey Boys Theater   07/2007 Las Vegas, NV
Meteron Condominiums   01/2008 Las Vegas, NV
Elmendorf Air Force Base   01/2009 Anchorage, AK
Ralph Lauren Retail   10/2009 New York, NY
Pittsfield Library   08/2009 Pittsfield, ME
Red Flag Building Elmendorf AFB   06/2010 Anchorage, AK
Clark Air Tower   06/2010 Sun Valley, ID
Haliburton   09/2012 Dead Horse, AK
The Harmon Corner   11/2012 Las Vegas, NV
Towbin Residence   12/2012 Las Vegas, NV
Prospect Elementary   04/2013 Nassau County, NY
Container Park   05/2013 Downtown Las Vegas, NV
William Lyon Bridge   12/2013 Las Vegas, NV
BCI Stair Tower   06/2014 Alaska
Hicksville Water District   02/2014 Hicksville, NY
Highland Apartments   08/2015 Los Angeles, CA
Turnberry Towers   06/2015 Las Vegas, NV
Nike Retail   07/2015 Los Angeles, CA